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Meet Dr. Colleen MacLeod

Coráine Founder & Natural Wellness Consultant

Consultant | Writer | Researcher | Seeker | Gardener

Dr. Colleen MacLeod has amassed four university degrees: a Doctoral Degree in Educational Research, a Masters Degree in Social Work, and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from the University of Calgary, as well as a B.A. with Distinction in Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan (both in Canada). During her 25-year career, Colleen has worked in higher education, health care, government and human services. She also operated a small, independent consulting firm. More about qualifications:

Dr. MacLeod’s LinkedIn

Colleen began her journey studying psychology and maintains a fervent interest in human nature. Now approaching the latter stages of her career, Dr. MacLeod wants to bring things full circle and use her unique professional and life experiences as well as her natural empathy to support other women in making meaningful life changes. More about interests and influences:

Dr. Macleod’s Blog OR visit Dr. MacLeod's Personal Website.


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Coraine Wellness is an independent, family-owned business located in a small town in Alberta, Canada between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the vast Prairies.

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